Scenic Flights

Scenic Flights

Take a scenic flight around the Windsor area and get a different perspective on your world! You’ll be able to see all of Windsor, the Ambassador Bridge and the impressive Detroit skyline like you’ve never seen them before. Free as a bird, you’ll get a unique view of your home and a panoramic vista of Essex County’s lush farmland.


We offer a variety of standard sightseeing flights in our four seat Cessna 172 aircraft. To book your flight, simply call up the club or email us and reserve an aircraft. One of the seats is occupied by the pilot, so up to three people can enjoy a scenic flight together.


Sightseeing Flights

City Tour $80.00 + Taxes = $90.40
40 Minute Scenic $138.95 + Taxes = $157.01
1 Hour Scenic $198.50 + Taxes = $224.31


Typically, for the 20 minute City Tour, we conduct a wide circle over the city of Windsor. For the 40 minute flight we fly to Peche Island and then follow the Detroit river down as far as Amherstburg then return to Windsor. For the 60 minute flight, we continue from Amherstburg to the Leamington area before returning, however the actual route is up to you and we are happy to start and finish at different locations (time permitting, of course). If you want to venture farther afield, we can simply prorate a flight for the extra time we are up in the air. Each additional 6 minutes costs $22.43 (taxes included).


If you are interested in trying the controls of a small plane, consider taking an Introductory Flight.


Gift certificates

What about a different kind of gift for a family member or friend? At the Club office, you can purchase gift certificates for scenic flights. The fortunate recipient of a certificate can book the scenic flight at their convenience and the flight can be rescheduled if the weather isn’t suitable.


School Rates

20 Minute Tour – $40.00/person


Tours are available originating from Leamington as well. Priced as follow:


20 Minute Tour – $40.00/person plus the cost of flying a C172 to Leamington which is $198.50 per aircraft divided by the number of children.


For example, the cost for 10 children is $400.00 ($40.00 X 10)
Plus $198.50 for the aircraft ($19.85 per child)


Total Price: $59.85 per child


Note: Remember to include the additional cost of flying more than one plane to Leamington if more than one airplane is required. All taxes are included in the above cost.


The Fine Print

You can call up and reserve on the day of the flight but it is best to book two to three days in advance to ensure that an aircraft and pilot are available.

Times listed are from engine start-up to engine shut down. It takes about 5 to 7 minutes to start up, do checks, and taxi out to the runway and another 3 to 5 minutes after landing to taxi back to the club and shut down. To estimate the time in the air, subtract about 12 minutes from the total flight time.

Sightseeing flights are weather dependant. If in doubt, call the club. We are always happy to reschedule for a nicer day.

The combined weight of the passengers should be 470 pounds or less. If the combined weight exceeds this limit, the club should be notified as far in advance of the flight as possible so that the required fuel load can be arranged.

Gift certificates are non-refundable but are transferable.