President’s Message

President’s Message

Welcome to the Windsor Flying Club!

Founded in 1944, we are one of the oldest flying clubs in Canada and have been providing flight training and air charter service for over 60 years. Our roots are in Elementary Flight Training School #7, British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, which was located at Windsor Airport, where 1,700 pilots were trained to fight the air war in Europe and the Pacific during WWII. Our first Chief Flight Instructor and our first aircraft, DeHavilland Tiger Moths, came from EFTS #7.

Windsor Flying Club is a great place to learn to fly! Our friendly yet professional flight instructors will put you at ease as you progress efficiently through ground school and flight training leading to your Private Pilot License. You can continue right along with us to obtain your night rating, multi and IFR ratings if your objective is to fly commercially. Our relatively warm temperatures and light snowfall during winters enable us to fly comfortably year-round in Windsor. Our proximity to USA airspace enables us to provide flight training in a truly international environment.

The Windsor Flying Club has trained hundreds of pilots and graduates of our flight training school have gone on to successful careers in commercial aviation with Air Canada, Air Canada Jazz, UPS, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Bearskin, Air Georgian and Skylink. In addition, some of our graduates have flown/are flying in the Canadian military as well in Corporate and Charter aviation. Others have purchased their own aircraft and fly them for business and pleasure all over Canada and the United States. Many graduates have built or are building their own sport aircraft from plans and kits. The Windsor Flying Club is the main General Aviation organization at Windsor Airport. Many of our members are also involved in the local chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association, the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association, the Recreational Aircraft Association and the local Radio Control Model Aircraft Club. As you can see, the Windsor Flying Club and her sister organizations can satisfy any aviation interest.

It is an exciting time at Windsor Flying Club! We are currently operating a fleet of 5 aircraft – three Cessna C172’s and two PA38 Piper Tomahawks for flight training and for rental to our members. These aircraft are all in superb condition and are maintained by WCS Aviation, an aircraft maintenance organization located adjacent to our site on the West Ramp at Windsor Airport. We have completed a program of upgrading the exteriors and interiors of our aircraft and have also started an aircraft replacement program which will result in replacing our entire fleet with newer, better-equipped aircraft over the next several years. Our two Cessna C172R models are the first phase of this program.

If “flying is always something you have wanted to do” which is why most people fly, Windsor Flying Club can make your dream come true. Explore our web site to find most of the information you need to make the decision to fly. Better yet, drop by and see us on Windsor Airport’s West Ramp and talk to one of our instructors who will review our flight training program one-on-one with you, sit you in an airplane then book an introductory flight with you.

Canada is one of the best countries in the world in which to fly. We enjoy the right to fly in largely un-restricted airspace. We have vast expanses of countryside and wildernesses containing beautiful farms, forests, prairies, lakes, hills and mountains over which to fly. Windsor Flying Club can give you access to a whole new world…the world of flight!

Blue Skies!

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